On Photography – Part Two

In my earlier post on photography, I mentioned that I’d worked on some photoshoots with Barry Lategan for Italian Vogue, and started getting more freelance work. Then I realized that you can’t run a salon in NYC if you want to be successful and be skipping out on photoshoots all the time, unless you were fortunate enough to get the kind of jobs that would have clients knocking down the doors to get in. Which is sort of what happened, because I found a niche with two magazines in particular: Glamour, one of the most popular magazines for young women at the time, and a slightly edgier one called Mademoiselle. They let me do a lot of work for them, and it absolutely brought people in to get their hair cut. By 1985 we became a really hot salon – we were completely busting at the seams. Somewhere around that time I learned to take pictures. It wasn’t so much that I’d learned exactly, but it was like I downloaded it and suddenly I knew how to take photos.

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The Beginning of Bumble – Salon Debbian

I’m often asked how I came to be in America. Honestly, I’m not terribly impressed by myself, but when I think about myself as a 15 year old boy starting work in the intimidating atmosphere and ambience of René of Mayfair, I don’t even have words. I don’t even know how I got to the subway station. And a lot of people think I’m from South Africa, because I lived there for five years, but it was more of a passing stop – a very pivotal stop that affected my whole life. Bumble and bumble in South Africa was essentially a test run before I came to America.

Press play below to hear the story.

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The Un-Man Falleth

As we grow older it sometimes proves difficult to make new friends, especially for someone like myself who is more reserved. On a rare occasion, you may meet or be introduced to someone with whom you quickly connect. I recently made a new friend, Barrett Martin, whom I met because he married one of my closest friends, Lisette. He is an accomplished musician, visual artist, and prolific writer. The essay shared below comes from his new book of short stories, The Way of the Zen Cowboy: Fireside Stories from a Globetrotting Rhythmatist. I recommend that everyone read (and re-read) The Un-Man Falleth.

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